Learn to plan your day and week effectively.

Simple strategies to become proactive with your time and accomplishments.

  • Build Consistency

    Learn to become consistent in your daily and weekly planning.

  • Build Habits

    Turn daily and weekly planning into a solid habit.

  • Build Proactivity

    No more reacting, a lot more proactivity.

Are You Struggling To Consistently Completing A Weekly Plan?

  • Do you know what you want to accomplish this week? 
  • Do you know the results you want by the end of the week?

If not, you likely have not done a weekly plan. 

It’s easy to skip the weekly planning—after all, what’s the point when so many unknowns keep coming at you and derailing any plan you may have had? 

Yet, without a plan, how will you ever achieve your goals, ensure the right projects are moving forward and know what is essential and what is not? 

Weekly and daily planning is the critical glue that brings everything together. It ensures you are moving in the right direction, guiding you daily towards doing the right things and eliminating the unimportant. 

Learn How To Effectively Plan Your Week

A simple way to make your days and weeks more productive.

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The Planning Mini-Course

Helping you to become proactively consistent.

This brand-new course is designed to guide you toward consistency with your daily and weekly planning. It shows you step by step what you need to look at and how to bring what is critical to you front and centre to your days. 

This is not about adding another two hours to your week; it’s about showing you that with thirty minutes on a Saturday morning, you can complete a plan for the week that will guide you and prevent you from being pulled off course by the inevitable distractions and interruptions. 

It gives you the tools to be able to reset after a difficult day and to be able to reassess when things get pulled off course rationally. 

In this course, I take you through the three weekly planning sessions you can choose from, how to use the Weekly Planning Matrix, and how to do the ten-minute daily planning session. 

This course aims to take the stigma out of planning and show you that with a bit of consistency, you can transform your days and weeks from feeling like you are reacting and put you in control of what you accomplish each week. 

  • You do not need two hours for a weekly planning session. 
  • You do not need more than ten minutes to plan your day.

With the Planning Course, you will learn all you need to create a planning habit to keep you on course to where you want to go. 

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